Smile Eric…You’re one!

Jun 25, 13 Smile Eric…You’re one!

When I was a kid just a little bit older than you, one of the most popular athletes around was Magic Johnson. It was the 80s, the Celtics-Lakers rivalry was in full effect and the Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic had been anointed the saviors of the NBA.

Everyone loved Magic for a lot of reasons, most having to do with the wizardry he showed on the court. But the No. 1 reason people loved him was because of his smile. He was always smiling. When people saw him, they couldn’t help but feel a little better no matter how bad of a day they were having. They couldn’t help but smile too.

Eric, you have that kind of magic smile. Your mom and I — and the pups — have had so much fun watching you grow over the past year. Man, I can’t believe it’s been a year. And there have been so many days where your smile has made our day. Or even just made our day a little bit better.

As you get older, life will get tougher. You’ll have good days and bad days. You’ll meet good people and bad people. A lot of that will be out of your control. But the one thing you can control is your smile. Don’t ever stop smiling.

One of the things your mom has taught me is how to keep a poker face when times get tough. Well, she’s taught me about the value of it. I still have trouble actually doing it. But there is no better poker face than a smile. No better way to disarm someone and turn their negativity positive.

Your first year has been full of several memorable moments. The first time we met you in the hospital. The first time we brought you home. Your picture next to Billy Butler when the All-Star Game was in Kansas City. Your first Chanukah and Christmas. When you learned how to army crawl. You learning the word book…and pointing to everything during your pointing phase and calling it “book.” How much you love banana yogurt and milk. How excited you get when you stand and play your piano.

All of those are incredible memories. The way you’ve changed our life is incredible. But the most incredible thing that I’ll remember about your first year is your smile. No doubt. Don’t ever lose that.

Thank you for all the magic you’ve brought to our lives. And for all the smiles. Your mom and I love you kiddo. The pups too.



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  1. Just awesome. Made me get choked up, and this is coming from a non-parent by choice! :) well done.

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