Mobile optimization no longer optional

Nov 15, 12 Mobile optimization no longer optional

As Jason Fell at says, if you don’t have a mobile optimized website, you are probably turning customers away (Image credit:


I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. I had just recently started at FH and we were discussing whether it made sense for a client to set up a Facebook brand page. About 10 minutes into the conversation, we realized that the answer for this client and all of our clients was yes, without a doubt. Because we had hit the same point we hit with websites 10 years before — Facebook brand pages were no longer optional for brands that wanted to reach their customers and remain competitive.

It’s three years later and we’ve hit another “no longer optional” point with technology. This time, with mobile optimization. Recent research supporting mobile adoption has become more and more compelling. And when I had the chance to see Perry Puccetti present to KC/IABC this morning on mobile strategy, he only validated that research.

- Smartphone proliferation has eclipsed 50 percent in the Unites States

- Smartphones have created an expectation of instant gratification and millenials don’t know life without them

- There were 8,000 mobile apps in 2008; more than 1 million today

- Unlimited data plans mean consumers don’t have to worry about paying overages for spending too much time online

- Mobile customers are more profitable for many brands (e.g. banking)

- Tablet usage is climbing like wildfire and some experts think they will take over for the laptop in two to three years

All of this data gets your attention. But the stat that led to my “no longer optional” moment today was the following — 57 percent of customers will not recommend a brand to a friend if they have a negative mobile experience. Add that data point to the fact that we know word of mouth from people we trust is most effective in creating action, and we begin to see how the lack of a mobile optimized website can start hitting companies where it hurts — the bottom line.

So now there are three. Three technology solutions no company should be without — a website, a Facebook brand page and a mobile optimized website. The good news is there are multiple options with mobile optimization, including building a mobile landing page that prioritizes your most important calls to action and only optimizing those experiences at first vs the whole website.

2009 was supposed to be the year of mobile. Turns out it was the year of Facebook brand pages. But 2012 is most certainly the year of mobile, and with it, the year of mobile optimization for companies that want to reach their customers and remain competitive.

So, is your website optimized for mobile? Do you have a mobile strategy?



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